Integration beyond navigation: Upping the value of your business portal experience

Areyou providing your business customers with an integrated portal experience? Orare you providing a portal with integrated navigation?

Ifyou’re unsure of how to answer the question above, here’s your task. Log in toyour business customer portal and complete these five tasks:

1.   Review, allocate and paythree invoices.

2.   Run a report to identifydata overages and increase the data plans for the associated subscribers.

3.   Identify devices that aredue for an upgrade and complete the purchase of a new device.

4.   Raise an inquiry based onan unexpected charge on the invoice.

5.   Create a report thatincludes detailed usage and costs for all devices, products, employees, andcost centers.

So,how many times did you leave the task at hand to click into another area of theportal (or another portal entirely) in order to complete the task? How manytimes did you right click to copy information? Or jot down information tomanually enter elsewhere? If you lost count, you’re not alone.

Today’sCSP business portals are lacking a key concept that completely changes the wayyour customers engage with you – an integrated experience.

Thisgoes beyond SSO and a consistent look and feel across navigational tabs. Thisis integrating the user tasks and workflows across the entire digitalexperience of buying, managing, and paying for services and devices.

Thisstarts with having deep knowledge of your business customers – not just whothey are but what they do. It’s understanding their day-to-day operations andhow your portal experience aligns to a company’s processes and policies. It’sknowing the most common tasks, associated workflows, and actions they need totake and when. And it’s understanding how those behaviors vary based onsegment, role, consumption levels, etc.

Imagineif your customers could seamlessly complete the five tasks above with zerointerruption.

They’reguided to the next step of the process, while staying in the context of thetask at hand. No more swivel chairs between separate buy, manage and payprocesses or portals. Just one, integrated portal experience that allows themto complete the required tasks in a fragment of the time.

Thisis how you deliver an experience that adds value for your business customers.And in turn, adds value for your company.


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