Globys Announces Second Wave of Research Results for 2021 B2B Digital Experience “State of the Telecom Industry"

Seattle, WA, February 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/— Globys, a leader in digital customer experience for telecom carriers in the business-to-business (B2B) domain, announced the second wave of results from its “State of the Telecom Industry” global research of B2B customer portals. Research was undertaken in 2020 in response to the accelerated investment in digital transformation by Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and the increasing reliance on digital self-service tools to transact business.

The research findings indicated that most CSPs either provided a customer experience that was at Stage 1 “Digital” or approaching Stage 2 “Actionable” in a five-stage journey along a customer-centric digital maturity model for B2Btransactions.

 Derek Edwards, CEO of Globys, described the five stages of maturity as follows:

·        Stage 1 “Digital” – Users can access data and information from a customer portal. For example, they can view statements and see usage details.

·        Stage 2 “Actionable” – Users can undertake some actions and/or conduct some transactions related to commerce, care, invoicing and payment business functions. For example, they can make a change to a line of service.

·        Stage 3 “Integrated” – Users can undertake actions and conduct transactions across business functions. For example, they can identify lines of service outside of expected usage patterns and immediately initiate a plan change for the service.

·        Stage 4 “Connected” – User actions trigger a workflow process with an external system. For example, onboarding a new employee in ServiceNow triggers activation of a new device within the portal.

·        Stage 5 “Autonomous” – The user experience is augmented through a set of AI capabilities that predicts and meets their buying, use, and business process preferences. For example, the portal recognizes that a line of service has been consistently growing over time and automatically right sizes the rate plan to reflect the usage pattern.

Globys’ research covered 72 business customer use cases along the entire customer journey of purchasing, managing, analyzing and paying for their products and services from CSPs.

Edwards shared “Our research confirmed that CSPs have a long way to go to match the modern experiences provided by their over-the-top competitors when it comes to ease of use and simplicity. CSPs trying to mimic the consumer digital experience for their business customers will struggle to get it right using the same software tools and approaches. The complexity of business needs and processes requires a fundamentally different approach. In fact, some business customers could be at risk from a series of bad experiences or false promises.”

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