Lumen moves to a SaaS Environment for Invoice, Payment and Analytics

Seattle, WA, October 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/— As part of the transformation process of Lumen (formerly CenturyLink), Globys recently announced that it completed the amalgamation of the CenturyLink andLevel3 instances into one SaaS environment that provides customer-facing capabilities for invoice analysis, consolidation, reporting, and payment. This new instance also provides business customers with the ability to view their product and service usage in near real-time.

Rather than having to go to multiple portals to review, analyze and pay their bills, business and government customers, under a secure login, will be able to go to a single online instance to perform these critical business functions. This is another successful step forward for Lumen as they simplify the business process for their customers.

Globys has worked with both Level3 and CenturyLink for a number of years, providing customer-facing SaaS software solutions. Derek Edwards, CEO of Globys, said “This is a growing trend for carriers as they accelerate their digital transformation processes to simplify and remove friction from their business by providing more integrated customer capabilities online.”

Globys expects that Lumen will be able to reduce the number of calls to the call center for billing and reporting inquiries, and also reduce the cost of supporting multiple IT systems. Furthermore, this smoother process will increase the number of digital transactions for online payments.


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