Globys delivers Service Now application to increase digital self-service with Communication Service Providers

Seattle, WA, June 23, 2021/PRNewswire –Globys announced its delivery of a new application which uses ServiceNow toautomatically connect enterprises to their Communications Service Providers(CSPs), as an extension of its business-to-business (B2B) Portal Platform andTelecom Expense Management (TEM) Portal solution. This application supports apush towards more employee self-service capabilities, by making all CSP spendand usage details available in the central IT portal, powered by ServiceNow.

Earlier this year, Globys announced aseries of capabilities that facilitate key business functions such as onlineshopping, care, invoice analysis and customer payments via ServiceNow. Laterphases will further extend the capabilities to more than 75 business processesidentified by Globys as part of their global B2B telecom portal research.

With this release, Globys is makingavailable a ServiceNow app with a strong focus on security requirements. “Animportant step in the process to support employee self-service growth was toimplement the right authorization framework when data is being transferredthrough multiple platforms,” commented Jurriaan Roeland, Globys TEM director.“With this framework in place, we will now focus on further end-to-endautomation between enterprises and CSPs.”

If you wouldlike to learn more about Globys ServiceNow applications, please contactJurriaan Roeland at


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