Maximize the value of the digital experience.

Today’s business customer expects a relevant and efficient experience. We make this possible by transforming complex telecom operations into seamless portal experiences. Your most valuable customers get direct access to the data, insights, and tools they need to self-serve. And you get a long-term solution that continually adapts to the changing needs of the telecom market.

Experience is today’s differentiator.

The days of product, device, and network competition are over. Business customers are hyper-focused on improving efficiency and expect you to help them simplify their complex telecom management processes. We help CSPs understand the unique data and self-service needs of the business customer and translate those needs into highly adopted, market-leading portal experiences.

Make digital transformation
a reality.

Digital transformation goes beyond systems. It's understanding and eliminating all points of friction throughout the entire business customer journey. Our portal solutions eliminate offline and manual processes - for both you and your customers. Your customers get a convenient way to interact with you and your services. And you reach an unprecedented level of operational efficiency.

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Globys B2B Portal Solution

Drive digital adoption by adding new value to the customer experience.

The Globys B2B Portal Solution employs a unique approach by integrating the buy, manage, and pay workflows into a single customer experience. As opposed to other portal offerings, which simply integrate the core components via SSO and navigation, the Globys solution allows users to initiate actions directly from the context of the experience. This integrated approach creates new value for both the CSP and customer by automating once manual and costly tasks associated with the business customer lifecycle.

Deliver a single portal solution across all business segments.

Delivered through a single platform, the Globys B2B Portal Solution can easily be adapted to align to the specific experience needs of varying customer segments. For example, while large Enterprise customers require custom reports and hierarchy management to allocate their monthly bills, standard usage reports and online payment options are sufficient for the small business base. Features, data sets, workflows, and branding can all be configured, allowing CSPs to offer a tiered set of portal offerings across all business segments. This configurable approach enables CSPs to deliver a valuable experience while minimizing the number of portals – and associated vendors, teams, and processes – which need to be monitored, maintained, supported, and promoted.

Fuel digital transformation by streamlining operations and quickly adapting to change.

The Globys B2B Portal Solution employs an API framework which quickly connects systems and processes which are commonly associated with the buy, manage, and pay process – from both the CSP and business customer ecosystem. For the CSP, any number of systems, including billing, order management, product catalogs, CRM, accounts receivable, and third-party networks are easily integrated into the Globys framework. This approach of leveraging existing infrastructure allows CSPs to operate ‘as usual’ while adding a comprehensive digital component to their customer experience. For the customer, standardized APIs to systems, such as NetSuite, Service Now, and Apple DEP, provide immediate business value by eliminating manual and costly processes that are commonly employed today.

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Globys gives us a competitive advantage by helping our customers to better understand their own consumption, while also providing our internal teams with visibility of the entire customer relationship.

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