Infographic: The Who’s Who of Your Billing Customer Experience

Did you know there are 10 or more differentroles represented in the ‘who’ of your business billing experience? There arealso 10 or more different workflows for ‘how’ your invoices are processed.Making it easy for each role and workflow to pay you is key to optimizing yourinvoice-to-cash process.

This requires an in-depth understanding ofwhat happens to your invoices after delivery to your business customers. Who’sresponsible for specific stages of the bill review and payment process? Whatare the common workflows? What tools and processes are they using? Where’s thepotential for efficiency improvements?

By shedding light on the black hole thatsits between invoice delivery and bill payment, you’re able to see how yourbilling experience is making life easier – or harder – for your customers.

It’s common to hear different approaches tobilling based on business segments, from small to medium to enterprise. Bydigging deeper – to the actual roles represented across these segments – wegain a much greater understanding of who’s interacting with the monthlyinvoices and data your company is providing.

Stay tuned for an upcoming whitepaper,where we delve into the personas in greater detail.


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