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Globys Announces B2B Digital Experience “State of the Telecom Industry” Research Results

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Research into maturity of Communication Service Providers’ B2B portals finds that although digital, they are still not integrated and provide a poor customer experience.

Seattle, WA, February 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Globys, a leader in digital customer experience for telecom carriers in the business-to-business (B2B) domain, announced its “State of the Telecom Industry” results today from its recent global research of telecom B2B customer portals. This research was undertaken in response to the accelerated investment in digital transformation by Communication Service Providers (CSPs) due to COVID-19 and the increasing reliance on digital self-service tools to transact business.

The key finding was that most CSPs provide business customers with a poor and disjointed customer experience when it comes to enabling use of their self-service business portal tools for digital commerce, care, invoicing and payments.

For example, many CSPs cannot provide an easy way for customers to compare a current statement to past months statements or identify and make a required service change, resulting in the business user having to perform complicated streams of clicks, navigation or multiple sign-in processes for simple, common tasks.

Globys’ research confirmed that the telecom industry is still in the early stages of optimizing the customer experience as CSPs scramble to catch-up with the experience of the modern platforms that consumers have grown accustomed to using today.

Mark Sten, EVP of Strategy at Globys said “Our findings were derived from researching more than 60 CSP business customer portals worldwide. It included wireline, wireless and combined telecom estate CSPs. The research covered 72 business customer use cases along the entire customer journey of purchase, manage, analyze and pay for their telecom products and services.”

“The low level of industry maturity for the B2B customer experience has surprised us, given how familiar customers are with using on-line digital tools”, continued Sten. “As CSPs increasingly accelerate their digital transformation efforts, optimizing customer engagement is a must have, not only because of COVID-19 and work from home, but also because investments in 5G and IoT creates need for additional business use cases that are managed through these same portals.”

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