Globys Pay

Automate payments with an interactive invoice experience

Give your customers an easy way to review and pay invoices – across all systems, products and geographies. Using the virtual invoice, users consolidate invoices to make a single payment across multiple billing systems. We then orchestrate the payment and accounts receivable processes. And with increased visibility and online disputes, billing support calls quickly become a thing of the past. Pair with Globys Analytics to give customers advanced reporting and allocation capabilities.

Reduce billing and payment inquiries

Decrease DSO with easier payments

Automate payment reconciliation

Eliminate redundant portals

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Invoice Hub

Easy access and search for all customer invoices, for any product or billing account.

Invoice Consolidation

Consolidation of multiple invoices into virtual invoice for streamlined payments.

Online Payments

One-time or recurring payments via credit card or bank with multi-pay option.

Automated Remittance Advice

Accounts Receivable integration to eliminate manual reconciliation.

Online Inquiries & Disputes

Initiation, automated case creation and tracking of inquiries at invoice or charge level.

360-Degree Customer View

CSP tool with unified view of all customer accounts, invoices and data for better support.

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