Usage Reporting

Increase customer visibility, reduce surprises

Globys gives your customers 24×7 monitoring of their usage-based services. Using personalized monitoring, customers can eliminate month-end surprises and your account teams can focus on selling instead of managing customer issues.

Improve customer retention

Increase revenue

Differentiate your services

Less fire-fighting, more selling

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Near Real-time Monitoring

Around-the-clock analysis of usage-based services.

Customer-defined Alerting

Alerts based on specific rules to effectively enforce business policies.

Department-specific or Organization-wide

Monitoring rules applied to match requirements of various groups within customer organization.

Configurable Notifications

Timely and detailed alerts based on interval preferences of customers.

Alert History

Search and analysis of alerts to investigate consumption.

Selective Enablement

Administrative ability to enable or disable per customer to create revenue opportunities or differentiation.

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