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Why Globys?

Patented analytics. End-to-end solution. Unmatched expertise.

Invoice Analytics

We invented statement and invoice analytics.

Our customer-defined analytics automates workflows, notifications, and reporting.

We are a
one-stop shop.

Our products and services cover the entire lifecycle of implementing a customer-centric experience from design, implementation, roll-out, and adoption.

We guarantee your success.

Our team knows the questions to ask and the strategies to pursue in order to avoid the pitfalls that create delays and cost-overruns.

Our Customers Agree

In fact, all of our customers would recommend us.

Trusted by Global Brands

Globys solutions give us a competitive advantage by helping our clients better understand their own activities while providing our internal teams with deeper insight into those activities.


One of the reasons we chose Globys is because they’re committed to delivering an outcome and not just a product.


Globys has proven its capability of handling big data at enormous scale and in a very flexible manner.


One of the advantages that Globys offers is their domain expertise. You’re not buying a toolkit that requires you to hire a team of specialists to configure it. You’re buying a pre-built solution.


Globys by the Numbers

Our reporting and analytics solutions drive millions of dollars in revenue opportunities and cost savings.

Dollars processed annually.
We ingest and analyze petabytes of data every day.
Of our customers recommend us.

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