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Your business customers are receiving ten, hundreds, or even thousands of invoices from you each month.  Your delivery and support cost is high, the manual review and payment process is painful, and the overall experience is mediocre at best.

Our digital solutions for telecommunications unify and simplify the invoicing and payment experience – giving your business customers the electronic billing and usage reporting they need to pay you faster.

We translate your billing and data streams into a comprehensive billing and reporting experience for your customers. Invoices can be viewed, consolidated and paid. Usage data can be analyzed and monitored. And if required, disputes can be triggered directly from the context of the invoice.

As new technologies emerge, such as IoT, our solutions adapt to increasing levels of detail and complexity. We believe the customer experience should be just that – based on the customer, not on the product or the system.

Whether you are looking to consolidate multiple billing outputs into a single portal experience, provide enterprise customers with customized reporting, or provide a differentiated experience with usage alerts and monitoring, Globys has a solution for you and your business customers.

Reduce billing costs by 70%

Reduce reporting support by 80%

Reduce billing inquiries by 40%

Improve retention by 60%

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All invoices and usage data in one easy to access digital portal

Provide your customers with a central hub to view current and historical bills across all service offerings and sites. Empower customers with the ability to drill-down directly from the bill to view and validate associated fee and usage details.

Seamless integration with existing billing, digital, and CRM infrastructure

Enhance the value of your investments by optimizing system interactions and the resulting output. Leverage Globys' extensive knowledge in API systems integration to deliver a seamless experience at a lower total cost of ownership.

Single solution with tailored experiences for Enterprise and SMB

Address the advanced reporting and allocation needs of your enterprise base while also providing a scaled-down version tailored for your small business customers. Minimize costs and resources by adapting one solution to meet the needs of your full business base.

Cloud-based solution requiring minimal IT support and delivering value in <60 days

Accelerate speed to market with an out-of-the-box solution tailored for the utilities market. Work with data and design experts to quickly implement a high-quality solution in 1/3 of the time of other vendors and in-house builds.

Advanced reporting, allocation, and permissions for Enterprise segment

Empower your high-value customers with self-service tools to efficiently manage their complex review and payment process. Shift the onus of custom reporting and hierarchy management back to the customer - allowing them to personalize and manage without your support.

Market-leading adoption among high-value customers

Transform the way your customers engage with you by providing a superior billing and payment experience. Integrate directly with your customer's Accounts Payable processes to offer significant time savings and create dependency on your solution.

Integrated near real-time data monitoring and alerts

Deliver a differentiated experience by coupling monthly billing data with near real-time usage data. Put customers in control of how they want to analyze their usage data, what variances they want to monitor and how they want to be notified.

360 degree customer view for efficient internal support and sales insight

Empower your customer-facing teams with the data and insights required for quick inquiry resolution and proactive selling. Provide a parallel view of the customer application, integrated directly with your CRM solution or as a stand-alone support application provided by Globys.

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