Globys Payments: Enabling STP for B2B

The majority of suppliers have more than 50% of their revenues tied to less than 10% of their customer base. Yet for most, that 10% have yet to adopt electronic payments – making personalized payments a major pain point for both you and your customers. Your customers’ Accounts Payables teams are spending hours aligning payments to their chart of accounts. And your Accounts Receivables team is spending hours realigning those payments back to the invoice and account.

But there’s a better way. This webinar will show digital, billing, and finance executives how Globys Payments allows customers to ‘pay their way’ while automating straight-through processing (STP) for you. We’ll show the personalized payments capabilities that business customers themselves have noted as ‘must-haves’ for making the shift to electronic payments. We’ll give you an inside view into the technology that’s powering the automation of collections. And we’ll demonstrate how this trusted and efficient solution is impacting cash flow, OPEX, and customer satisfaction.

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