Invoice Dispute Solution

Reduce Your Overhead

Customers find it frustrating to call or email in a dispute on charges. Your teams find it inefficient to get all the necessary data from customers. It’s a hassle for everyone. Globys Disputes automates the capture of dispute information from customers and the workflow for resolution to make the process hassle-free.

Spend less time per dispute

Accelerate time to resolution

Free up account managers' time

Lower dispute volume

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Dispute Initiation

Online flagging at the account, subscriber, or charge level within an invoice provides clarity of what is being disputed.

Dispute Annotation

Attachments including screenshots, contracts and emails automate data collection needed for resolution.

Dispute Tracking

Status updates of a dispute at all steps from initiation to resolution.

Dispute History

Searchable list of all outstanding and resolved disputes.

Credit Advice Automation

Straight-through processing of credit to be applied to the right invoice in the right account.

CRM Integration

Automated linkage between online dispute and your internal resolution workflows.

Dispute Rules Engine

Automated routing, validation, or resolution of disputes based on your business rules.

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