B2B Bill Payment Solution

Automate Remittance Processing

Your staff is manually processing the majority of your customers’ payments, and it’s costing you time and money. Globys allows customers to pay electronically while automating straight-through processing (STP) for you. Your customers get more convenient payment options, and you get optimized operations.

Make it easy for customers to pay

Get your cash faster

Simplify work for your staff

Eliminate payment errors and disputes

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Online payment using credit card or bank accounts allows anytime, anywhere payment.


Payment of multiple invoices with single payment to streamline processing.


Scheduled recurring payment aligned to billing cycles and customer preferences.

Enterprise Digital Wallet

Security and entitlement to ensure only authorized users are able to manage and use payment methods.

Payment Categories

Customer-defined hierarchies to organize and pay groups of invoices according to preferences.

Check and EFT Support

Customer-specified remittance advice for payments made through alternate channels.

Payment Rules

Supplier-defined limits for amounts using various payment methods to control processing fees.

Remittance Advice Automation

Straight-through processing of remittance for each individual invoice, eliminating manual reconciliation.

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