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Globys Customer Newsletter | Volume: 2
Product Updates

Globys 3: New Features and Enhancements

The update below highlights the new features and enhancements that are now available in Globys 3 with releases Globys 3.7.3, 3.8.0 and 3.9.0. Please note that Feature Release Overviews (including additional details and required configuration) and Release Notes are available on the Globys Help portal. If you need additional information or access, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

New Features:

  • Field Specific Search on Client Administration Tool (CAT)
    The search function of the Globys Client Administration Tool (CAT) has been enhanced to enable field specific search. This improvement allows CAT users to narrow search results based on specified fields and filtering criteria, greatly reducing the response time. The first ‘in this field’ drop down menu allows users to select a specific search field (account number, last name, email address, user name). The second ‘which’ drop down menu allows users to select a specific filtering criteria (contains, starts with, is an exact match). These fields default to settings that mimic the previous search functionality to minimize disruption to existing CSR use of the product.

  • New SSO Options for Client Administration Tool: SAML2 and LDAP
    SSO allows Globys clients to integrate CAT with their existing corporate infrastructure. When SSO is enabled, CSR end users will bypass the CAT login screen and enter CAT directly. In the background, CAT is configured to call out to the corporate identity management services to verify the CSR end user. With CAT SSO enabled, new CSR end users are automatically provisioned instead of being manually created in the non-SSO CAT. CAT SSO maintains the same logging and auditing capabilities as the non-SSO version. Benefits of CAT SSO include increased productivity of client staff, decreased administrative costs by the need for manual user creation and management, and improved corporate compliance and security.


  • Enhanced Automatic Payment Workflow
    The Globys 3 automatic payment workflow has been enhanced to make it easier for users to enable, manage and monitor automatic payments for all accounts. All automatic payment tasks have been integrated into the Manage Statements page, where users will now see an ‘Options’ column that uses icons to indicate the account’s automatic payment status (scheduled for automatic payment, not enabled for automatic payment, automatic payment deferred for current month due to partial payment). Users can click directly on the icons to enable automatic payments for unenrolled accounts or to manage those previously enrolled.

  • Combined Report Page
    An optional configuration addresses a common request to have all reports available in one location. This feature is especially useful for Globys clients who utilize our application within an external portal as it provides one entry point to the reporting function. The page layout, functionality, and reports remain the same. New icons have been added to designate Summary versus Detail reports.

  • Deep Linking
    This feature allows direct access to Globys 3 pages from a web portal, bookmark, or email link. Rather than sending a user to the default Home page, a session can be established transparently in the background to provide seamless access to specific Globys pages. This feature makes it possible to embed Globys directly into the navigation of a Globys client’s web portal.


Product Enhancements:

Recent releases have included several enhancements aimed at providing a better user experience for you and your customers, including:

  • Product Catalog-Based Reporting
    By loading the product catalog into the Globys application, clients are now able to provide reports directly aligned to specific product codes within the catalog, regardless of the source system or existing report types. Globys clients can provide product catalog fields in other report types, product reports across multiple report types, filtering of summary and detail reports by product, and the viewing of a product-level statement. Hierarchical and multi-lingual product catalogs are supported.


  • Derived Report Type
    This enhancement allows Globys to combine multiple existing report types into a new report type. While this previously required a data mapping exercise, Globys has revised the ETL process to allow the querying and population of data from already-loaded report types. The derived report is created by designating a subset of fields to include from the existing report types. The option to apply criteria, such as a specific value, is also available.


  • Payment History Import from File
    Globys can now import payment history data from a file submitted via SFTP versus the standard API process. The resulting data presentation in the Payment History tab is consistent regardless of process but this provides another option for Globys clients.