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Globys Customer Newsletter | Volume: 2
Adoption Tips

10 features your customers should be using (and you should be promoting)

Did you know there are hundreds of features available within Globys 3 today?  And while there are use cases for each and every one of these features, there are definitely a few that are continually recognized among our clients and their customers. Why? Because these specific features deliver unique value to either your customers, your company, or in most cases, all of the above.

So whether you’ve just launched, have an upgrade around the corner, or are rolling on a steady path, here’s a list of 10 features your customers should actively be using – and your internal advocates and external channels should actively be promoting:

1. Consolidated bills
The majority of Globys 3 users are receiving more than one bill per month – with some receiving hundreds. This capability eliminates manual consolidation of bills which is often required for review and payment purposes. With this feature, customers can easily select any or all of their bills and dynamically consolidate them to see the total amount due, as well as a consolidated view of the varying charge types.

2. Historic bill downloads
In general, customer requests for a previous month’s bills are noted as one of the top call drivers among business customers. Luckily for Globys 3 users, 12+ months of historic bills are readily available for customers to view and download when needed. They simply select the month required and all of the previous bills appear.

3. Month-over-month bill comparison
While viewing a single or a consolidated bill, users can run a cost comparison across the previous months. This quickly identifies any anomalies where users may need to investigate further. Or more commonly, confirm that all is good to move forward with payment.

4. Online payments
Customers ‘expect’ the ability to pay their bill online, while reviewing it, just as we do in our consumer lives. For business customers, this feature provides flexibility in selecting from multiple payment channels and sources, making single or multi-payments, and setting up auto-payments for some or all accounts.

5. Offline payment remittance slip
While some enterprise customers may not opt for online payments, there is still value in leveraging their online billing categorizations for offline payments. With this feature, customers follow the same flow for consolidating bills but then have the option to print a payment remittance slip to submit with their consolidated payment. This is a big time saver for both you and the customer.

6. Paperless billing
This allows customers to select a paperless billing option for all or a specific set of accounts directly from within the Globys 3 application. As part of this workflow, customers are reminded to check their bill notifications (turn on/keep on) and to use the order statements functionality to have PDFs automatically delivered to their email each month.

7. Account and service descriptions
Globys 3 allows users to enter 2 descriptions for each account and service. These customer-defined descriptions help users identify accounts and services faster and can also be used as reporting fields in both summary and detail reports.

8. Account budgets
Similar to the month-to-month comparisons, this feature provides users with an easy – and visual – way to quickly validate new charges. A budget is specified for each account and as new bills arrive, the variance percentage is displayed (red for above and green for below).

9. Report editing
While the creation of new reports is often the focus for custom reporting, users also have the ability to edit an existing report. Users can simply add or delete the fields include, change any of the 4 pivotable fields or edit the parameters as needed. This is often easier than starting from scratch when an existing report is close to what is needed.

10. Statement and report ordering
Although logins may be required to perform specific tasks, some customers prefer to have the information from Globys 3 ‘pushed’ to them. Using the ‘Order’ feature or SFTP delivery option, any report (default or custom) or statement (specific account or all) can be scheduled for automatic delivery to that user or specified location. They can also specify additional email recipients within their organization.