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Globys Customer Newsletter | Volume: 1

Welcome to the first issue of the Globys Customer Newsletter.
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Product Update

Globys 3 New Product Feature: Ability to Hide Accounts

Tired of submitting tickets to Globys Support to hide specific customer accounts? Struggling to find resources to flag accounts in your billing system and remove from your data load? Our latest release, Globys 3.7.2, includes an optional module that provides users with the ability to hide accounts directly within the Globys portal application. Once a user marks an account as ‘hidden’, the statements and reporting data for that account will no longer be displayed within the application.

This new Account Display feature was requested by multiple Globys clients, as well as end users themselves, to address several use cases:

  • Carrier: Hide inactive accounts or accounts that are no longer in use
  • Carrier: Hide internal accounts use to track refunds and credits
  • Carrier: Hide rarely used or non-billable accounts that are required for tracking purposes
  • Carrier: Hide data from customer if CPNI issues arises
  • End User: Hide accounts that have been deactivated
  • End User: Hide accounts that have zero billing

Located under the Setup tab, this Account Display feature is implemented with two permissions that can be applied at the user level. The first permission allows a user to see the Account Display dashboard and the ability to set accounts to Hidden or Visible. All users in that organization will no longer see the accounts that are set to Hidden, but other users with the permission will be able to see the Hidden and Visible status of accounts in the Account Display dashboard. When the second permission (admin level) sets an account to Hidden, even users with Hidden Account permissions will not see the Account in the Account Display dashboard. These permissions can be applied to specific users or to User Type levels, potentially giving all end users and/or CSR users permissions to the feature.

Making changes to account visibility in the source data can be costly and time consuming for our clients. With this feature, Globys provides the tools our clients need to make changes immediately in real-time without having to initiate support tickets and relying on Globys to do the work. Our clients can in turn provide this feature directly to their end users, giving the power to the user to see their bills and data their way.

Globys 3 Product Enhancements

The past few releases have included several Globys 3 enhancements aimed at providing a better user experience for your customers, including:

  • Dynamic dashboards
    This dashboard enhancement provides users with enhanced visualizations of their monthly usage and spend, as well as direct click-through access to the supporting detail data. Enhancements to our API framework now allow for dynamic graphical representation of data versus the display of static images. The direct integration of data from Detail or Summary reports provides more flexibility in the data and views that can be displayed on the Home dashboard. This includes a wide variety of graphing styles including doughnut graphs and staked bar charts, which can be applied to your Home dashboard.
  • Performance improvements for large Detail and Summary reports
    To ensure the timely loading of large online reports, a new library has been implemented that improves the serialization of the data to the end user’s web browser. Through our testing, we have seen a 50% reduction in the loading time for large reports. For customers running reports across several hundreds of accounts or services, this will bring significant improvements in the report loading time.