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Globys Customer Newsletter | Volume: 1

Welcome to the first issue of the Globys Customer Newsletter.
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Adoption Best Practice

Identify (and Eliminate) the Alternatives

Here’s a question to pose to your teams – ‘If our business customers aren’t using the Globys application to view and pay bills, what channels are they using?’

There is a lot of work that goes into understanding current billing and payment experiences prior to implementing a new digital solution. Unfortunately, once the new solution launches and new priorities arise, the existing alternatives often fall out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Keeping these other billing and payment channels in a “business-as-usual” state can have significant impact on both adoption and overall customer experience. As one end user once shared, “I’m not sure where I’m supposed to login to get my bill or make a payment – there’s too many options.”

One of our clients recently decided to take this task head on. The objective was simple – identify every channel of communication their business customers are using to receive a bill to make payments. As expected, this started with the obvious – Globys-hosted application, summary paper bill, PDF email bill, reports from specialized billing team – and continued down numerous rabbit holes.

Unbeknownst to the project team, there was actually a subset of the enterprise base still receiving CD-ROM deliveries on a monthly basis. Yes, compact discs in 2018! Sadly, customers receiving these them confirmed suspicions that most were filed away and never opened, because the online alternative is the easiest and best option. Other unknowns included bolt-on reporting apps or file outputs that were essentially serving as a band-aid for legacy reporting gaps. To make matters worse, some of the reporting outputs that were actively being distributed to customers were out of sync with the current system of ‘truth’, making red flags inevitable.

There were also online alternatives identified. There was a ‘pay now’ consumer option directly from the client’s website that business users were using by default, as this was previously the only online payment option. It only provided a single account, single payment option, requiring multiple clicks and payments for the 90% of business customers who had more than one bill. Users making multiple payments across multiple accounts were immediately targeted and moved to the business payment experience, driving an increase in total number of payments submitted online.

The goal of this ‘Identify the Alternatives’ evaluation is to:

  1. Ensure your preferred billing experience is clearly defined, supported, and promoted for your business customers
  2. Identify any potential deterrents and cost savings by decommissioning legacy solutions and processes. It requires continuous digging throughout the entire organization and customer base:
    • What are the manual work-arounds that support is still using?
    • Which systems is IT still maintaining?
    • How is each product line providing detail data to the customer?
    • What manual analysis is account management doing on behalf of the customer?
    • What percentage of total business payments are paid online versus the % paid in the Globys application?
    • Are users willing to turn off PDF email knowing they can access the same from online portal?

Is it worth the effort?  We see upwards of 50% higher adoption among Globys clients who have successfully identified the most beneficial options to the preferred billing and payment experience versus alternative-heavy clients.

Happy investigating!