Globys for Utilities

Adapt and thrive in the new energy landscape.

Take advantage of new dynamic consumption and pricing models with our utilities invoicing and collections experience. Improve DSO and keep customers satisfied and paying on time.

Meter-to-cash is changing invoicing and collections.

Utilities are moving from flat or volume-based billing to dynamic or time-of-use billing. This change is creating new customer expectations for data visibility and analysis.

Deregulation and third parties are threatening customer relationships.

New technologies and the “grid of things” are giving C&I customers more options and interactions—making retention and acquisition more important than ever.


are caused by billing issues


would pay for a better experience


need to cut costs to remain competitive

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What can Globys do for Utilities?

Quickly adapt to support new billing models and services.

If you have the invoicing and usage data, we can present it to your customers. Customers get a digital portal with the reporting they need, and you don’t have to change your systems.

Provide an invoicing and reporting experience designed for C&I customers.

Billing is one of the biggest pain points in supplier-buyer relationships. Empower customers with an automated way to integrate invoices with their Accounts Payable process.

Help C&I customers make their businesses stronger.

If you have valuable customers trying to optimize usage to improve operations, you can help them with data and insights to increase productivity, improve products and services, and promote health and safety.

Buyer's Guide for Self-Service Bill Management & Reporting in Utilities

This buyer’s guide provides Electric and Natural Gas Utilities a primer for serving data-driven Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers and outlines important buying criteria to help you implement the best self-service solution.

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From Our Customers

One of the advantages that Globys offers is their domain expertise on collections for complex invoices. They understand the needs of small business, mid-market, and enterprise customers.

Globys Research

Utilities look to telecoms for best practices in digital billing

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