Globys for Telecommunications

Retain and grow customer relationships.

Globys can create value for your customers. Our telecommunications invoicing and collections experience gives your customers, big and small, the transparency and efficiency to pay faster.

The digital customer experience is today’s differentiator.

Product commodities and market saturation have become the new normal. The new priority is keeping and monetizing your existing base with valuable services.

IoT promises to boost revenue streams and long-term viability.

IoT represents more utilization and growth. An end-to-end solution can speed adoption of IoT products and provide CSP value-add to IoT application providers.


for document-based invoicing


derived from 10% of customer base


by 2020

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What can Globys do for Telecommunications?

Empower customers with a digital invoicing portal.

A self-service portal experience can empower business customers—from SMB to enterprise—with visibility and analysis tools to easily validate usage and fees. It also lowers inquiries and manual cash application.

Help enterprise customers improve their Accounts Payable efficiency.

Reporting and allocation tools allow customers to automatically connect your invoices to their Accounts Payable—expediting review/payment and creating dependency on your solution.

Fuel digital transformation by quickly adapting to new services and technologies.

Globys’ cloud platform seamlessly integrates with your existing and future infrastructure. As new needs arise, your customer experience and invoice-to-cash can be continuously enhanced.

Customer Spotlight: TELUS

See how TELUS is using Globys Invoicing to enhance the business customer experience.

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From Our Customers

Globys solutions give us a competitive advantage by helping our clients better understand their own consumption, while providing our internal teams with deeper insight into collections.

Globys Invoicing Research

How do you improve your AR? You improve your customer's AP.

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