Globys for Telecommunications

Maximize the value of the digital experience.

Today’s business customer expects a relevant and efficient experience. We make this possible by transforming complex telecom operations into seamless portal experiences. Your most valuable customers get direct access to the bills, data, and tools they need to self-serve. And you get a long-term solution that continually adapts to the changing needs of the telecom market.

The digital experience is today’s differentiator.

The days of product, device, and network competition are over. Customers are hyper-focused on improving business efficiency – and they’re expecting you to give them the digital tools to simplify their complex processes.

Digital transformation opens new opportunities.

Going digital gives your business customers the flexibility to interact with you and your services in new and valuable ways. Your customers get what they want, when they want it – and you optimize your business operations.


for paper billing and support


for Enterprise inquiry resolution


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What can Globys do for Telecommunications?

Empower customers with a digital billing portal.

A self-service portal experience provides business customers – from SMB to Enterprise – with the visibility and analysis tools to easily validate fees and make payments. This digital approach eliminates the manual tasks associated with paper billing and offline inquiry and payment processes.

Help customers improve their Accounts Payable efficiency.

Consolidated bill views, custom reporting, and allocation tools allow customers to automatically connect your invoices to their Accounts Payable systems and processes. This direct integration expedites the customer review and payment process while creating dependency on your digital billing portal.

Fuel digital transformation by quickly adapting to new services and technologies.

Globys’ cloud platform seamlessly integrates with your existing and future infrastructure. As new needs arise, new systems and processes are ingested and your digital customer experience is continually enhanced.

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From Our Customers

Globys solutions give us a competitive advantage by helping our clients better understand their own consumption, while providing our internal teams with deeper insight into payments.

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