Globys for Consultancies

Take advantage of how digitalization is changing consultancies.

The confluence of cloud, analytics, and integration technologies is changing the way consultancies serve clients. Globys can help you leverage and adapt to this shift in business models.

Back offices have big opportunities for improvement.

Automate manual and administrative overhead to enable your staff to focus on helping customers and maximizing margins.

Modern consulting firms are minimizing the use of credit.

Streamlined invoicing and collections creates revenue predictability to help avoid using lines of credit.


spent on invoicing inquiries


big clients take to pay


when a customer integrates their systems

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What can Globys do for Consultancies?

Give your clients transparency into services.

Clients need to understand and validate invoices before they pay. Globys gives them the reporting they need to view the details behind charges.

Collect your cash faster with less cost.

Make it easy for your clients to pay you. Globys provides online payment and automated cash application to streamline collections.

Increase your stickiness through integration.

Connect digitally with a client’s Accounts Payable department. Globys automates the allocation to a client-defined chart of accounts within the general ledger.

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One of the reasons we chose Globys is because they’re committed to delivering an outcome and not just a product.

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