Globys for Cloud Tech

Lead the charge in digitalization—and make it easy for customers to pay, too.

Cloud-based service companies are disrupting business models and transforming how customers consume and pay for computing. Globys can help you make the most of these advances by speeding up your collections.

New cloud companies are transparent.

Customers only want to pay for what they actually consume—and they value suppliers who honor that.

Integration is the new sticky.

Cloud companies that can integrate their systems in a frictionless manner end up retaining more customers.


on a cloud bill


paying by credit card


with API integration

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What can Globys do for Cloud Tech?

Give your customers visibility into their services.

Customers need to understand and validate usage and charges. Globys gives them the reporting they need to view the details behind charges.

Reduce your DSO.

Make it easy for your big customers to pay you. Globys provides online payment and automated cash application to streamline collections.

Increase your stickiness through integration.

Connect digitally with a customer’s Accounts Payable department. Globys automates delivery of invoice data to customer AP systems.

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Globys has grown our NPS because it lets our customers personalize their data and integration.

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