Customer Spotlight

Enhancing the Business Invoicing Experience



Driven by their brand promise of putting customers first, TELUS launched an initiative to simplify the invoicing experience for all business customers. The objective was to provide a convenient and personalized way for customers to access, analyze and pay their bills digitally across all TELUS products and services.

It was imperative that the new digital invoicing and payments solution could seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes, including multiple billing systems, an existing business customer portal and Salesforce. TELUS also required a solution that guaranteed in-country data residency, adhered to a strict privacy policy and could easily adapt to keep pace with their fast-tracked customer and product growth.


TELUS selected Globys Invoicing & Payments as the preferred invoice-to-cash solution for TELUS’ Small Business, Mid-Market and Enterprise segments. Provided through a single cloud service, Globys empowers business customers of all sizes to self-serve and automate invoice processing. This increased visibility and enhanced experience is driving significant digital and paperless adoption, greatly reducing invoicing inquires and costs.


  • Unified customer experience across all integrated services and billing systems
  • Advanced customer-defined reporting to analyze and validate charges
  • Customer-defined expense allocation rules to update their accounts payable
  • Higher customer satisfaction rating for adopted users
  • 30% reduction of billing inquiries
  • 60% paperless among adopted users
  • Forecasted adoption accelerated by 75%

“Globys and its invoice-to-cash solution is integral to the success of TELUS’ billing transformation program. Their unparalleled expertise in data systems integration and delivery has fueled an enhanced experience for our business customers, as well as optimized our business practices. With Globys, TELUS is confident in the experience we’re providing today and our ability to quickly adapt as future needs arise.”        




TELUS is a Canadian national telecommunications company that provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, IoT, video, and IPTV television. Based in Vancouver, TELUS is Canada’s fastest-growing telecommunications company serving millions of consumer subscribers and thousands of business customers.

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