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Globys Research 2017 Survey Results: The State of the Digital Invoicing Experience

Although 92% of the 500 billion invoices sent annually are still document based, customers’ attitudes have switched to demanding a truly “digital” invoicing experience. These customers want a digital invoice with data that is easily reported, analyzed, and processed according to their unique accounting needs. In other words, they want a personalized, digital invoicing experience to be able to pay “their” way. And beyond payment functionality, they want their digital invoicing experience to be dynamic and actionable, with functionality for…   MORE

3 Ways Wireless Customers Use Real-Time Data to Address Real-World Business Problems

Did you know that 13.72 trillion MBs of data traffic were sent over wireless networks in America in 2016?  The equivalent of 1.58 million years of streaming HD videos. That’s a lot of data. And for some businesses – a lot of work. Today it’s common place for large enterprises to have hundreds or thousands of employees with mobile devices (or multiple devices), all with varying contracts, rate plans, features, etc.  And it’s someone’s sole job to manage those mobile…   MORE

Just using data to target customers? You may lose them instead.

Predicting the “next-best” offer is the rage of marketing teams as companies become focused on leveraging data to make their revenue models more and more efficient.  But in this fight for the customer’s wallet share there is a hidden but growing danger. What happens when all your competitors become equally good at predicting business purchase behavior?  The profits advantage from efficient marketing will be squished and gone.  The classic arms race approach to revenue acquisition will not yield a long-term,…   MORE

Why you should rethink segmentation. It’s the difference between companies and people!

Companies don’t use your invoicing portal.  People do.  Yet many telecom and cloud service providers can fall into the trap of overlooking that point.  Product managers and billing personnel can start to define “customer” segments based on company characteristics such as revenue or number of employees.  But that segmentation can easily hide the stepping stone to a good customer experience which is a good user experience. When you start with users, suddenly the consideration of people’s roles and responsibilities come into focus. …   MORE

5 customer challenges impacting the information reporting experience

Every commercial bank strives to offer competitive lines of credit and great terms for its customers. So what will set your bank apart from the pack? In this fast-paced digital age, your bank’s ability to manage, customize and deliver data to your customers is more critical than ever before. Your commercial customers want to get out from under the hundreds of hours they spend manually reconciling reports and investigating discrepancies. They want better reporting, monitoring and data automation. They want…   MORE

28% of CFOs and treasurers are considering switching primary transaction bank in next 6 months

According to a recent study by East & Partners (E&P), some of Australia’s largest companies are changing their tune when it comes to how they rate their incumbent banks’ innovation and value for money. So what’s causing this shift? E&P says it’s a competitive play by their international counterparts. “E&P has for some time reported the growing presence of international banks targeting greater market share in transaction banking, debt capital markets, project finance and trade. What is not fully understood…   MORE

Success factors in e-invoicing projects: The six Ps

Billentis just released their 2015 E-Invoicing and E-Billing Report, which serves as a cross-industry resource for market data and analysis to help understand current and future business impacts. It’s filled with a lot of great insights – stating that businesses that use e-billing and invoicing will help achieve savings of up to 80% and predicting that in 2015 alone, 42 billion e-bills and invoices will be issued globally. Reading through the 95 page report (yes, there is a ton of…   MORE

Is revenue leakage worth the fix?

Just like that constantly dripping faucet, revenue leakage is often written off as more of an annoyance versus a problem that needs immediate fixing. You know it’s happening but with exposure to just a few drips at a time, the damage seems tolerable in comparison to the other challenges at hand. Not to mention that the last time you attempted to fix it, it took you far too long to identify the source of the problem – making you question…   MORE

Using self-service analytics to strengthen your teams’ customer understanding

The saying ‘a team is only as strong as its weakest player’ couldn’t ring more true when it comes to big data analytics.  Although companies have invested a considerable amount of resources to data management, there’s still a major gap that often leaves the front-line players feeling ‘weak’ in customer understanding. Without the ability to directly access the data and insights they need, functional teams – such as sales, marketing, and product – are often faced with choosing between acting…   MORE

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