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The Future of Invoicing?  It’s Like Google Maps.

In the early 90’s, the only street map available to consumers was a massive, unwieldy multi-fold paper generated by old-school cartographers and geomatics engineers. It certainly wasn’t an interactive experience, unless you count scribbling notations on it or asking a passerby to also view the paper. 1993 brought the debut of services like the Xerox…   MORE

Breaking the cycle of manual invoice reporting

Did you know that over 70% of invoice reporting is still performed in Excel? Just think – all of the efforts to move your invoicing data to a digital state and you could have stuck with mailing out CD roms. But seriously, why are your enterprise customers continuing to rely on an offline, seemingly archaic application…   MORE

PAST DUE: Why your enterprise invoicing is killing your cash flow

Do you ever wonder if your enterprise customers even read the giant ‘due date’ listed on their invoices?  If you’re like most usage-based service providers, more often than not, the number of payments coming in late far exceeds those coming in on time – and this represents the majority of your business revenue. Beyond the…   MORE

Invoicing portal pricing survey: Common telco strategies and what customers are willing to pay

It’s the great debate of what an invoicing portal is ‘worth’ to a customer. Should we charge them to access their digital invoices if that’s our preferred option? How valuable is the custom reporting and cost allocation to their business? How will customers respond to a charge – is it something they’re expecting? Rather it be…   MORE

Why you should rethink segmentation. It’s the difference between companies and people!

Companies don’t use your invoicing portal.  People do.  Yet many telecom and cloud service providers can fall into the trap of overlooking that point.  Product managers and billing personnel can start to define “customer” segments based on company characteristics such as revenue or number of employees.  But that segmentation can easily hide the stepping stone to…   MORE

Struggling to get customers to ‘go green’? Check for these paperless billing roadblocks.

Paperless billing continues to be one of the key business case drivers for digital invoicing portals – and for good reason. It offers the potential to save millions in printing and postage, as well as eliminate a common source of customer discontent – the paper invoice. So what happens when you launch your portal and the paperless uptake…   MORE

Invoicing portal check up: 9 features business customers value

Customers are not static in nature. New processes, technologies, products, trends, regulations, requirements, etc. all lead to an ever-evolving set of challenges and needs. And who do they expect to adapt to their changes?  That’s right, their service providers. In general, today’s business customer is turning to technology to help them do more with less –…   MORE

Success factors in e-invoicing projects: The six Ps

Billentis just released their 2015 E-Invoicing and E-Billing Report, which serves as a cross-industry resource for market data and analysis to help understand current and future business impacts. It’s filled with a lot of great insights – stating that businesses that use e-billing and invoicing will help achieve savings of up to 80% and predicting…   MORE

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