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Are faster B2B payments a near-term reality?

There is one goal that every company has in common – the desire to get paid faster. We’ve seen some fairly significant shifts towards digital invoicing and payments on the consumer front. And proof that the submission and processing of payments can be accelerated. But as you are well aware, B2B payments is an entirely different beast. There was a study done by Accenture back in 2015 to predict how the finance organization would be completely redefined by 2020. In…   MORE

Globys Research 2017 Survey Results: The State of the Digital Invoicing Experience

Although 92% of the 500 billion invoices sent annually are still document based, customers’ attitudes have switched to demanding a truly “digital” invoicing experience. These customers want a digital invoice with data that is easily reported, analyzed, and processed according to their unique accounting needs. In other words, they want a personalized, digital invoicing experience to be able to pay “their” way. And beyond payment functionality, they want their digital invoicing experience to be dynamic and actionable, with functionality for…   MORE

The Hidden Costs in B2B Invoicing
Hidden costs in B2B invoicing

So you’ve been tasked with improving productivity on the invoicing front. You’ve analyzed your systems and resources – and determined your budget and over-stretched teams offer little upside. You’ve explored the daunting path of system consolidation – too much time, not enough resources. So now what do you do? You shift your focus from the invoicing mechanics to the resulting invoicing experience. And open up a slew of hidden costs that are draining your productivity and profits. What’s the biggest hidden billing…   MORE

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