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Should you give your customers greater visibility and control at the risk of exposing your invoicing errors?

Opening the doors to your hidden (or unknown) billing secrets can be a scary move. But most agree customer visibility is a risk worth taking in order to minimize the long-term impacts of dissatisfaction. Here’s the way the story typically goes. Your company launches with a standard set of products and services for a few thousand customers, charging and invoicing from a central system. Fast forward a few years: your company grows, adding new business units (both homegrown and acquired), new…   MORE

The 5 stages of invoicing portal adoption

Launch a digital invoicing portal they said. It will be fun they said. Oh, if only B2B invoicing portal adoption was as easy as creating the latest and greatest meme. But it’s not. It’s actually really hard. Why? Because it requires a deep understanding of what’s most valuable to your customers, a cross-functional team who’s committed to communicating and demonstrating that value, and a constant pulse (and if required, refresh) on what’s working and what’s not. You know for a…   MORE

Head of billing…corporate hero or corporate zero?

If you’re the Head of Billing, you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. And with that weight, comes the opportunity to transform your company’s billing and revenue operations into a world-class organization…or keep it mired in status quo processes that are 10+ years old. How you perform in this mission-critical, highly scrutinized role will either raise you up to corporate hero…or drop you down to corporate zero. Once viewed as a more tactical role, the Head of…   MORE

The Hidden Costs in B2B Invoicing
Hidden costs in B2B invoicing

So you’ve been tasked with improving productivity on the invoicing front. You’ve analyzed your systems and resources – and determined your budget and over-stretched teams offer little upside. You’ve explored the daunting path of system consolidation – too much time, not enough resources. So now what do you do? You shift your focus from the invoicing mechanics to the resulting invoicing experience. And open up a slew of hidden costs that are draining your productivity and profits. What’s the biggest hidden billing…   MORE

Invoicing portal pricing survey: Common telco strategies and what customers are willing to pay

It’s the great debate of what an invoicing portal is ‘worth’ to a customer. Should we charge them to access their digital invoices if that’s our preferred option? How valuable is the custom reporting and cost allocation to their business? How will customers respond to a charge – is it something they’re expecting? Rather it be the initial roll out or enhancements down the road, the invoicing portal pricing strategy always garners a lot of strong and differing opinions. Support teams are…   MORE

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