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Accelerate Your Invoice to Cash Process with One Simple Change. Guaranteed.

Stop invoicing by order and account and start invoicing by customer. Yes, read it again and let it sink in. It’s not your disconnected billing systems or complex product catalogs delaying your payments. It’s your disconnected orders and account structures that are spilling over into your customer invoicing. The by-order or by-account approach may be the ‘easiest’ way for your billing and accounts receivable to issue invoices and collect payments. But the efficiency of your invoice to cash process is…   MORE

Is this the year for technology advancements in commercial banking?

Move over consumers, looks like the commercial customer base is finally getting some much needed attention on the banking innovation front. A recent article on American Banker calls out a major shift in focus for 2016 – noting that this is the year that many large institutions expect technology advancements for their business clients to be one of the main areas of innovation. From U.S. Bancorp’s launch of an aviation mobile payment app to Citigroup’s tablet apps to State Street’s…   MORE

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