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The 50/10 Rule: Don’t Treat Every Customer the Same

Everyone knows that some customer segments are more valuable than others, but not everyone is aware of the distribution of revenue between segments. Knowing the revenue distribution of a customer segment can help a supplier develop strategies to optimize retention and profitability of revenues.  High revenue segments should have a differentiated experience to retain revenue whereas lower revenue segments must rely on automation to make them profitable. In a recent study of multiple suppliers, Globys Research was able to identify…   MORE

Online bill presentment and analytics: What your business customers expect

As featured on Energy Central… When you think of innovation or differentiation, it’s safe to assume that billing, reporting and payments is not the first thing that comes to mind. For many, this last mile of invoice-to-cash is simply regarded as a monthly business operation. Customers purchase and consume services, bill cycles run, and payments are made and applied. But what happens when new competitors emerge and new consumption models alter the billing status quo?  Digitally savvy commercial and industrial (C&I)…   MORE

Different industry, similar problem: Why utilities are looking to telecoms for best practices in digital billing

As featured on Energy Central… The commercial and industrial (C&I) segment represents 10 to 12% of total utility customers. But with this same segment representing over 50% of total customer revenues and 50% of total support costs, companies are keen to find a way to deliver a superior experience at a lower operating cost. One CE operations exec says he has the answer – just follow the path set forth by the telecommunications industry.  For one APAC energy provider, smart…   MORE

Globys named to “20 Most Promising Billing & Invoicing Solution Providers” by CIOReview

We are pleased to share that Globys is featured in the Billing & Invoicing special edition of CIOReview magazine as one of the most promising solution providers. Matt Shanahan, COO of Globys, was thrilled to share our straight-through processing mission of providing trusted machine-to-machine invoice presentment, payment, and closing.

How do you improve your AR? You improve your customer’s AP.

It’s the classic chicken or the egg dilemma. Which came first – your AR problems or your customer’s AP woes? “Why can’t they just make a payment that matches the invoice?” – AR Manager “Why can’t they just send an invoice that matches how we pay? – AP Manager And the manual process begins (and goes on and on). There’s a major disconnect between how suppliers are invoicing and how enterprise customers are actually processing and paying those invoices.  Both…   MORE

Are faster B2B payments a near-term reality?

There is one goal that every company has in common – the desire to get paid faster. We’ve seen some fairly significant shifts towards digital invoicing and payments on the consumer front. And proof that the submission and processing of payments can be accelerated. But as you are well aware, B2B payments is an entirely different beast. There was a study done by Accenture back in 2015 to predict how the finance organization would be completely redefined by 2020. In…   MORE

STP: Faster invoice-to-cash with 70% less cost

Struggling to gain internal support for your invoice-to-cash improvement initiatives? Show a 70% cost reduction with straight-through processing (STP) and see how the conversation shifts. As a finance professional on the supplier side, you have a front-row seat to the monthly invoice-to-cash cycle. You live and breathe the inefficiencies and errors. You know why customers aren’t paying on time. And you know why it takes far longer to close the books than what is ‘expected’. But your concerns and proposed resolutions…   MORE

#1 barrier to closing books fast

The verdict is in.  Globys research panel points to a lack of remittance data as the primary inhibitor to faster and cheaper B2B payments. Watch this 3 minute clip from a recent webinar to see how today’s manual AR and AP processes are causing a costly disconnect between payments and remittance:     Ready to see the solution?  Learn how Globys allows customers to pay electronically while automating straight-through processing (STP) for you.

Globys Research 2017 Survey Results: The State of the Digital Invoicing Experience

Although 92% of the 500 billion invoices sent annually are still document based, customers’ attitudes have switched to demanding a truly “digital” invoicing experience. These customers want a digital invoice with data that is easily reported, analyzed, and processed according to their unique accounting needs. In other words, they want a personalized, digital invoicing experience to be able to pay “their” way. And beyond payment functionality, they want their digital invoicing experience to be dynamic and actionable, with functionality for…   MORE

Toll-free services: How carriers are using real-time usage data to turn a commodity into a goldmine

How do you compete when you’re offering the same product at the same price point?  You amplify the business value by making it easy to connect your product to your customers’ business objectives. Leveraging real-time usage data, carriers are using this approach to reinvent a 50+ year old commodity into a goldmine for their business customers. It may seem hard to believe but toll-free numbers have been around since the 1960s. The concept is simple – a cost-free way for consumers to connect with businesses.…   MORE

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