Contextual Marketing

Globys combines data science and real-time marketing to uncover customer motivations and then dynamically trigger the right offer in the right context. 

The value that this approach to contextual marketing offers is helping carriers to monetize their data by addressing customer needs in the specific context of a moment.”Yankee Group

Globys’ Contextual Marketing solutions turn the vast amount of customer data that operators have into actionable behavioral insights which trigger contextual and highly personalized marketing campaigns that drive much better results.

The Globys solutions are based on unique, patent-pending techniques developed specifically to address the needs of targeted one-to-one contextual marketing. We use longitudinal analysis to study individual customers’ behaviors over time, and then use automated decision making to deliver the right marketing treatment for each customer according to their dynamic context.

With our solutions, operators systematically elevate their marketing programs and drive significant increases in the Average Revenue per User (ARPU), improved customer loyalty, and extension of customers’ service lifetime — all resulting in an increase of customers’ lifetime value.

Helping Mobile Operators Maximize Customer Profitability

  • Increase prepaid ARPU
Increase the average amount and frequency of prepaid top ups and stimulate usage by analyzing individual behavior and targeting customers with offers according to their real-time context.
  • Reduce churn
Rescue customers with high churn risk by identifying usage and spend behaviors preemptive to inactivity and then establishing and stabilizing new patterns.
  • Increase retention
Increase customer tenure and profitability by uncovering the right contexts and optimal offers for migrating customers from prepaid to postpaid.
  • Accelerate product adoption
Accelerate the adoption of new devices by understanding and acting upon the behavior of social influencers.
  • Sustain significant business impact
Conduct a continuous cycle of campaign analysis, learning, and optimization to ensure ongoing improvement of marketing KPIs focused on revenue, customer retention and lifecycle management.



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Industry Perspective

Marketers must turn attention to eliminating barriers to aggregating customer data and insights in order to identify insights across customer lifetime value, users expectations, and opportunities to maximize return and drive advocacy and loyalty.”

CMO Council

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