Rapid Results: No Toolkit & No Hiring Required
Our out-of-the-box, proprietary software uses advanced analytics to execute and optimize the right experiences at the right time, increasing customer engagement and retention.

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The Globys Platform

Understand, Anticipate, Delight

Our out-of-the-box technology solutions turn massive amounts of customer data into valuable insights and action to help companies around the globe deliver exceptional customer experiences. Smart, scalable and reliable, our robust cloud infrastructure serves as the foundation for developing innovative, industry-leading products that drive dramatic results around maximizing the lifetime value of your customers.

Our Solutions

Customer Analytics & Reporting: Provide your B2B customers end to end visibility with a holistic view of their billing and usage data

Our online products automate real-time data analysis and allocation of fees to allow your business customers to self-serve. Fast time to market, rapid return on investment.

Amplero: Engage customers through your digital channels with the best offer delivered in the right context to maximize customer lifetime value

Our self-optimizing personalization software leverages machine learning and controlled experimentation to automatically discover and execute the optimal targeting of customer experiences.  Low risk with high impact.

Customer Insights: Empower your product and account teams with proactive insights so they can better manage their customers

Our software uses behavioral analytics to provide internal teams with a 360° view of their customers and automatically identifies revenue opportunities, risks, and recommended actions. Ready to deploy, no configuration required.

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