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By 2013, half of all communication
service providers’ marketing offers will be based on some type of context-aware data.”

Globys Intelligent Occasions is a contextual marketing solution that helps operators better engage with their small and medium (SMB) customers throughout their life cycle.  By identifying the right contexts in which to proactively engage each customer and the right action to take, Globys Intelligent Occasions ensures that every communication is highly relevant and helps operators to increase customer lifetime value.

What is unique about Globys Intelligent Occasions is that operators gain the ability to leverage complex behavioral attributes and usage data to uncover more relevant life cycle-based contexts to positively impact each customer.  The solution identifies the right occasion in which to engage with a customer by targeting a wide range of contexts, such as such as when a customer is reaching their capacity, experiencing dropped calls, when they’ve incurred overage charges, added a new service, hired more remote employees, just paid their online bill, a particular day or time, etc. For each context, the solution identifies the right communication e.g., an informational message, discount offer, overage alert, bundle incentive, loyalty benefit, etc.

Operators are leveraging Globys Intelligent Occasions to meet a variety of objectives including service plan optimization, bundle migration, usage stimulation, increasing cross-sales revenue, churn reduction, and channel optimization.

Globys Intelligent Occasions treats each customer as a segment of one to drive proactive delivery of highly relevant and personalized communications e.g., information, notifications, content, offers, etc.

Globys Intelligent Occasions alerts operators to contexts that matter, providing every business unit, from Care and Engineering to Billing and Marketing the opportunity to positively impact the customer experience. Then through automated machine learning, the solution rapidly identifies the optimal action to take.

Operators gain the ability to target specific moments that are likely to impact a customer’s future profit potential. The result – operators increase customer lifetime value, positively impacting ARPU, retention and cost to serve.

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Learn how Globys Intelligent Occasions can help operators better engage with their small and medium business customers to increase customer lifetime value.


Globys Intelligent Occasions offers service providers the following benefits:

  • Higher customer lifetime value by monetizing contextual insights to positively impact ARPU, retention and cost to serve
  • Enhanced relevancy and value of communications and offers by determining what is the best action to take for each customer in the right context
  • Smarter, more effective marketing by incorporating unique contexts — beyond traditional calendar-based triggers — to drive more effective customer life cycle campaigns
  • Increased efficiency through automation and machine learning that determines what is the right message and context for each customer and eliminates manual dependencies
  • Higher customer satisfaction by adopting a customer centric approach to delivering personalized and highly relevant communications and offers
  • Seamless integration with existing systems — including campaign management solutions, data warehouses, and delivery channels

Globys Intelligent Occasions incorporates the following capabilities:

  • In-depth customer profiling based on rich usage, billing, and behavioral intelligence
  • Ability to target a wide range of contexts, including those that are billing-related, usage-related, driven by customer interactions, a customer’s life cycle, behaviors, external events, time, location, etc. and apply them across an entire life cycle to drive proactive, relevant customer communication
  • Automated machine learning that rapidly determines the right communication for each customer and context , as well as the impact of not taking action
  • Push delivery capabilities that enable immediate delivery of the most relevant information, alert, content or offer at precisely the right moment
  • Interactive dashboard that provides real-time insight into activity and performance, and recommendations for maximized results

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Our solutions are designed to unleash the power of the data that operators already have to enable a true customer-centric approach to life cycle management that leverages unique contextual insights.”

Duane Edwards, Globys Product Development

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