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CSPs must proactively identify subscriber issues, usage and behavior to reduce churn, increase revenue opportunities and drive improved customer experience and loyalty.”

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Globys Bill Payment Manager is an easy-to-use electronic billing application specifically configured for the consumer and small office/home office (SOHO) market.

With Bill Payment Manager, detailed information is presented in a consolidated view, providing end users enhanced flexibility to interact with their statements online from anywhere at any time—giving them more reason than ever to leave paper bills behind.

Globys Bill Payment Manager is customizable for one-to-one marketing by the service provider. The application can also be integrated with the Globys One2One solution to target customers with more relevant products and services.

Bill Payment Manager is easy for end users to use, helping to ensure maximum adoption in the shortest period of time. By providing a superior customer experience, service providers can help increase loyalty while at the same time reduce costs.

Globys Bill Payment Manager is an electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) application enabling your consumer and small office/home office customers to easily view and pay their bills online, and manage their telecommunications services at one convenient location.

By consolidating information and providing 24/7 access, Bill Payment Manager gives your end-users the power and incentive to serve themselves. Bill Payment Manager includes:

  • Detailed information on everything from charges and taxes to payment history
  • Easy setup and use, to maximize customer adoption in the shortest period of time
  • A superior customer experience, helping to increase customer loyalty while reducing costs


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Learn about Globys Bill Payment Manager, an online bill presentment and payment solution for your consumer and SOHO customers.


Bill Payment Manager can be integrated with your existing Web site or CRM platform, offered as a stand-alone EBPP solution, or combined with Globys’ enterprise reporting and analytics capabilities to create an end-to-end EBPP and analysis solution.

Bill Payment Manager offers service providers the following benefits:

  • True out-of-box functionality for rapid implementation
  • Reduced billing expenses as more end users pay their bills online
  • Lower support costs through the deflection of calls to the call center
  • New revenue from personalized 1:1 marketing and up-sell
  • Easy-to-use Web interface and intuitive navigation for rapid customer adoption
  • Higher customer satisfaction, leading to reduced churn

Bill Payment Manager offers true out-of-the-box functionality offering end users:

  • Electronic delivery of statements
  • Self-service access to billing information and detail from anywhere at any time
  • Online bill pay and ability to view payment history
  • Flexible payment options, including auto-pay
  • Advanced reporting to better understand costs and usage, such as
    • Summary of charges and credits
    • Most frequently called numbers
    • Longest calls
    • International calls
    • Monthly usage trends
  • Automated email notifications
  • Support for all languages and currencies

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Globys clients have been able to achieve 50% or higher auto-pay enrollment among
customers utilizing online payments and realize annual cost savings of more than
$1 million with the reduction of paper.

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