Globys’ products are designed to help service providers improve the customer experience by leveraging and monetizing their customer data assets. At the core of Globys’ business is our ability to aggregate, mine and analyze customer data across disparate systems and applications to enable service providers to deliver individualized customer experiences.

Our contextual marketing products enable service providers to monetize their customer data by proactively targeting the right customer with the right message at the right time. By utilizing rich customer data, service providers can address customers’ needs with products, services and content at the time they are most likely to realize its value – increasing revenue while building true customer dependency and loyalty.

Our self-service products are designed to meet the billing, reporting, and analytics needs of every customer segment, from consumer and SOHO to small and medium business, and large enterprise. Enterprise customers can better understand their complex bills, and conduct sophisticated analyses and cost allocations. Small and medium businesses can run reports and view graphs of usage and costs. Consumer customers can pay bills online and get detailed information on specific charges.

Globys’ clients recognize these benefits from utilizing our products:

  • Increased sales through targeted contextual marketing
  • Enhanced discovery of a full range of products, services and content
  • Higher response rates for targeted campaigns, advertisements, and offers
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Lower costs through higher adoption of self-service
  • Churn reduction of high-value customers
  • Speed to market with little to no customization and shorter implementation times

Our solutions have proven ROI achievement with leading service providers around the world. They are offered either as licensed software, or a cloud solution based on individual client needs. Designed to give you the most value, our solutions are out-of-the-box and packaged with the right functionality, so they require little to no customization, shorter implementation times, and fewer IT resources to maintain.

Our Customer Experience Suite

Mobile Occasions Proactively deliver contextually relevant products, services and content to the device when a customer is most likely to make a purchase.
Intelligent Occasions Proactively market contextually relevant products and services to small and medium business customers at the right time.
One2One Leverage in-depth customer intelligence and rich profiles to deliver more personalized offers across any channel.
Bill Analyst Enable enterprise customers to transform their bills into business intelligence with an advanced online bill analytics and reporting application.
Bill Insight Enable small and medium business customers to easily manage their bills and generate reports online.
Bill Payment Manager Provide e-bill presentment and payment services to the consumer market.
Usage Analyst Enable customers to analyze their pre-billed traffic in near real-time for better business intelligence.



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Customer Testimonial

Our Invoice Management solution plays a key role in our enhanced portal experience and we are excited to work with Globys on providing this value-added service to Level 3 customers.”

Joe Harding, Vice President of Product Management, Level 3 Communications.

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