About Us

Globys is a big data analytics company with expertise in delivering out-of-the-box solutions that transform massive amounts of customer data into valuable insights and action. Our ability to automate the delivery of highly personalized and contextual experiences at scale across millions of customers drives significant revenue, retention and operational improvements for some of the world’s largest brands.

With extensive experience delivering managed services and cloud based-solutions, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated and hands-on partner committed to delivering tangible outcomes for our clients. Our talented global teams include PhDs in data science, engineers, developers, marketing strategists, sales professionals and customer support managers.

We have a reputation for bringing to market cutting-edge technology that helps solve hard problems and for ensuring that every client has the support they need to maximize their ongoing return on investment.

Why Globys?

Globys’ unique capabilities around scientific marketing have captured the industry’s attention with solutions that are proven to help CMOs address the chronic problems of churn and declining ARPUs at scale.

Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

This is a company that has real expertise in using big data analytics to uncover rich insights about customers to then give them what they want, how and when they want it.

Level 3

It's exciting to see some of the most advanced scientific marketing methodologies in the hands of mobile operators, allowing them to transform how they engage with their customers and driving insight into how their customers behave.

Dr. Olly Downs, Chief Scientist of Globys

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