Our vision is to change the way statement data is shared.
Total transparency. Powerful analytics. Empowered customers.

About Us

Just because products and services are more complex doesn't mean it should be harder for customers to understand their usage and charges. In fact at Globys, we believe statement analytics needs to be simple to retain and grow customer relationships. That's why we built the Globys platform.

The Globys platform delivers big data analytics for telecommunications companies, financial service providers, and other large brands. We give companies an innovative solution that provides actionable statement reporting and analytics so their customers can optimize utilization of products and services.

Why Globys?

One of the advantages that Globys offers is their domain expertise. You’re not buying a toolkit that requires you to hire a team of specialists to configure it. You’re buying a pre-built solution.


One of the reasons we chose Globys is because they’re committed to delivering an outcome and not just a product.


Globys has proven its capability of handling big data at enormous scale and in a very flexible manner.


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