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Posted by Carrie on 03.24.2015
Do you have the right technologies in place to capitalize on the revenue opportunities at hand?  Do your internal teams have the data visibility to know what matters most to whom, when, and why?  Do your customers have the insights to recognize the value they're receiving from your relationship - or just a data dump of disjointed fees and transactions?  These are the questions that are bringing 500+ of your banking peers to Boston for the 21st edition of the CEB Financial Services Technology Summit.  As the CEB states:  "Revenue growth is one of the biggest challenges facing financial... Read More »
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Posted by Lara on 03.17.2015
Interested to know how personalization via machine learning can help you maximize customer lifetime value?  Head to the Marketing Leaders in Telecoms event, being held March 25-26 in London. We’ll be joining a group of leading EMEA operators who are proving that the right marketing approach can deliver big results.   I’ll be taking the stage on Wednesday to share how a customer of ours is leveraging the latest in machine learning technologies to automate their targeting at massive scale.  I’ll walk through the challenges operators are facing when it comes to personalization and how these... Read More »
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Posted by Glenn on 03.11.2015
The term ‘marketing automation’ seems to be dominating my news feed.  Hailed as the ‘heart of orchestrating customer experience’ and praised for its ability to save time, improve efficiency and increase productivity, marketing automation offers some clear benefits. Yet with all of the investments and hype, there is a key element these technologies cannot provide – deep insight into the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created every day. Without this insight to fuel decisions about which messages and offers should be delivered to which customers at any given time, today’s marketing efforts... Read More »
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Posted by Rich on 03.05.2015
As if banks don’t have enough competition, recent news about Lending Club’s partnerships with Alibaba and Google cements the fact that nontraditional financial companies are making inroads into services traditionally supplied by commercial banks. This doesn’t make Alibaba or Google a “financial” company per-se, but it could signal a pattern of large corporations taking a more active role in lending to customers, suppliers and partners. This trend of corporate lending could take a large bite out of the lending business for many commercial banks. But those that can move quickly will be worthy... Read More »
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Posted by Lara on 02.27.2015
How many marketing systems do you have installed today?  When were they implemented and against what set of requirements?  Are these existing assets capable of adapting to what’s required for the next-generation of CSP marketing? These are the questions Atul Arora and Justin Van Der Lande, analysts at Analsys Mason, are posing to CSPs in their recent report, Context-Aware Marketing Systems Enable CSPs to Generate Additional Revenue. According to the report, “Customers are increasingly expecting CSPs to provide personalised marketing campaigns as traditional marketing is becoming less... Read More »