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Posted by Carrie on 09.09.2015
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  If you’re ready to have a fresh, outsider’s perspective on a new approach to solving your analytics and reporting woes, it’s time for us to chat. Headed to Finovate next week?  We’ll be onsite to connect with some financial players who are committed to a new way of thinking and the new technologies to make those ideas a reality (in a few weeks, not a few years). Shoot Brian Hardyman an email at to arrange a few minutes to catch up in New York.  Safe travels! 
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Posted by Carrie on 08.23.2015
In a recent article titled, Getting to a 360ish Customer View Without Breaking the Bank, Mike Miller, Globys' SVP of Sales & Marketing, outlined a new approach that functional leads are taking to combat the challenge of delays and inconsistencies when it comes to getting their teams the customer data they need to drive positive change. Realizing that company-wide, IT-driven initiatives still have a long way to go in delivering to individual teams what they need in a way that they can better use it for more timely decision making, business leaders are launching functionally-driven projects... Read More »
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Posted by John on 08.11.2015
Twitter, PayPal, P&G – all big name brands who have successfully cracked the nut of digitizing today’s customer experience. So will ANZ’s advisory partnership with these tech experts lead them to a digital transformation?  That’s the plan according to David Gonski, ANZ chairman. "The financial services industry is now undergoing rapid change driven by advances in digital technology. The aim of establishing this advisory group is to ensure the board and management have access to external perspectives, specialist insights, and trusted advice to ensure we successfully navigate future... Read More »
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Posted by Carrie on 07.27.2015
If each of your commercial relationship managers were asked to identify their top ten revenue opportunities, how would they prioritize their lists?  Would it take them minutes, hours, or days to compile?  How confident would they be that their selection was a true representation of the most profitable and probable opportunities? Mike Miller, Globys' SVP of Sales & Marketing, recently posed these questions in an article titled, Getting to a 360ish Customer View Without Breaking the Bank. As Mike notes, for many, the feedback would be something like this: “a list driven by dated half-data... Read More »
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Posted by Rich on 07.17.2015
It appears that some regional banks are beginning to reap the rewards of leaving no stone unturned.  With low interest rates and high cost-cutting efforts abounding, focus has shifted to an area that is often viewed as a necessary output versus a viable opportunity. But based on recently released Q2 results, it looks like fees may be the new rock star (slight pun intended). According to a recent article on American Banker, “M&T Bank, PNC Financial Services Group and KeyCorp reported increases in noninterest revenue approaching 10% in the second quarter, while three of the four megabanks... Read More »