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Posted by John on 10.13.2014
This year at Sibos in Boston, the message was clear: banks need to transform their business if they want to survive.  The good news is that most banks already have the groundwork in place to leapfrog into the digital age – they just may not know it yet. What they have is data. It may be in legacy systems, or completely disorganized, but it’s there. And with today’s technology, it no longer has to take years to clean up and leverage that data. So how does solving the big data issue tie into the issues facing banking today? Learning 1: It’s all about customer experience An alarming statistic:... Read More »
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Posted by Craig on 10.09.2014
Categories: Globys, SeattleJS
Tavour beer, food, and 150 JavaScript engineers…sounds like the perfect match for Globys!  Join us this evening at Google for the SeattleJS Monthly Meetup, where our resident Data Scientist – Olly Downs – will be on hand to chat about what Globys is doing on the mobile marketing front and the types of roles and personalities we’re looking to bring to our team.  SeattleJS will also be featuring two speakers: John-David Dalton: Nobody knows performance like JDD and he'll be sharing some of the crazier performance optimizations he's learned in developing Lo-Dash.  He'll also give us a quick... Read More »
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Posted by Glenn on 10.05.2014
In this world of mobile dependency, marketers have the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the value of delivering personalized experiences.  Yet the challenge of knowing when and how to act is often a major barrier to adopting a more personalized approach. As we think about personalization and how to do it well, here are a few key lessons to consider: 1. The more you learn over time, the better your chance of delighting your customers. Consumers do not expect you to be able to read their minds or guess with certainty their needs and preferences.  But when they engage with you, they expect... Read More »
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Posted by Carrie on 09.29.2014
This week, several of our executives will be headed to Mountain View for a meeting of the telecom minds at TC3: Telecom Council Carrier Connections.  50+ carriers, a slew of innovative vendors, and some of the industry’s most recognized thought leaders will all come together to discuss what’s been accomplished in the past year, what’s driving those accomplishments, and what’s on the horizon for 2015.   On Wednesday, October 1, our Chief Scientist, Dr. Olly Downs, will be taking the Spotlight Stage to discuss the ever popular topic of ‘Big Data’.  He plans to start with a fairly broad view of... Read More »
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Posted by Carrie on 09.10.2014
Yesterday, our Chief Scientist, Olly Downs, took the stage as part of the CTIA Startup Lab and Innovation Showcase.  With a room full of operators and other thought leaders, Olly delivered a punchy talk on why data-driven marketing is capable of transforming the way operators think about, execute, and measure marketing.   Here are just a few of hispoints that really seemed to resonate with the audience: Prepaid subscribers make on average 29 revenu-impacting decisions per day - 10x more decisions than any Facebook fanatic and nearly 100x more than a Twitter follower But the reality is that... Read More »