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Posted by John on 11.12.2014
One of the key learnings from Sibos that stuck with me is the dramatic increase – a 16% rise – in customers switching banks last year. An obvious fix is to increase customer engagement. Piece of cake, right? Even if your bank has a CRM system in place, typically the information you get is too little, too late. By the time you realize a customer is unhappy, they’re already gone. Streamlining your data systems to get information in real-time can put you in a stronger position to reach out to customers before they ever start thinking of leaving. Here are a few ways we’ve worked with clients to... Read More »
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Posted by Carrie on 11.03.2014
Recently, in an article published on Forbes, our Chief Data Scientist highlighted the core elements that are being used to help marketers move to a scientific approach.  Here’s a quick snap shot of what they are, how they work, and the benefits they provide. 1. Scalable data architecture – Enable exploration Big data technologies play a key role in establishing a framework that is capable of scaling horizontally – consider a petabyte of data for a hundred million mobile subscribers, flowing at 5 billion transactions a day, and thousands of machines – and capable of supporting the interactive... Read More »
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Posted by Craig on 10.27.2014
Seattle is no stranger to innovative companies who have achieved unprecedented success.  Amazon, Microsoft, or Groupon ring a bell?  The fast-paced, highly entrepreneurial spirit of this city has attracted some really talented people who have established some really impressive companies.  And we’re proud to say that Globys continues to be recognized as one of those stand out companies. This week, we were happy to rank #6 on Puget Sound Business Journal’s list of Big Data Software Companies.  We were among good company with some of the Big Data industry’s market leaders, as well as some new... Read More »
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Posted by John on 10.21.2014
Shrinking margins in the banking industry are forcing banks to get creative. Think of two gas stations across the street from one another, lowering prices until they can’t go any lower, then hiring a guy in a chicken suit to attract people to the pumps. But while the ‘chicken suit’ may be a draw to attract new customers, what are you doing to maximize the revenues from the customers you already have?  Here are a few areas where big data analytics can help increase revenue even as margins are shrinking. 1. Find lost fee revenues. Use data analytics to discover if your commercial accounts are... Read More »
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Posted by John on 10.13.2014
This year at Sibos in Boston, the message was clear: banks need to transform their business if they want to survive.  The good news is that most banks already have the groundwork in place to leapfrog into the digital age – they just may not know it yet. What they have is data. It may be in legacy systems, or completely disorganized, but it’s there. And with today’s technology, it no longer has to take years to clean up and leverage that data. So how does solving the big data issue tie into the issues facing banking today? Learning 1: It’s all about customer experience An alarming statistic:... Read More »