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Posted by Lara on 05.20.2015
Globys has joined the Earley Executive Roundtable and will participate in a panel of industry experts addressing the business value of data analytics during a four-part executive webinar series.   Dr. Olly Downs, Chief Scientist and CTO at Globys, will participate in the first roundtable of the series focused on the business potential of machine learning and cognitive computing.  As programs and devices get smarter, special purpose applications will become more adaptable and self-configuring.  Algorithms will improve as they are used and will contain mechanisms to optimize over time.  This is... Read More »
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Posted by Rich on 05.11.2015
Just like that constantly dripping faucet, revenue leakage is often written off as more of an annoyance versus a problem that needs immediate fixing. You know it’s happening but with exposure to just a few drips at a time, the damage seems tolerable in comparison to the other challenges at hand. Not to mention that the last time you attempted to fix it, it took you far too long to identify the source of the problem – making you question if the fix is really worth the effort. But if you could combine all of those leaks into a single value and have a clear picture of the impact it’s having on... Read More »
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Posted by Carrie on 04.21.2015
The CEB Financial Services Technology Summit kicked off today in Boston with 500+ leaders from the banking space.  While there were alot of topics up for discussion, a few key challenges seemed to be top of mind for the event's attendees:  How do we balance satisfying our customers' demands with improving our profits?  What does a 'digital transformation' look like for the commercial banking space?  Is a 360 degree customer view really possible in the banking space?  How do we compete or partner with the new entrants to our space?  How is technology influencing market dynamics?  Our team is... Read More »
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Posted by John on 04.10.2015
The saying ‘a team is only as strong as its weakest player’ couldn’t ring more true when it comes to big data analytics.  Although companies have invested a considerable amount of resources to data management, there’s still a major gap that often leaves the front-line players feeling ‘weak’ in customer understanding. Without the ability to directly access the data and insights they need, functional teams – such as sales, marketing, and product – are often faced with choosing between acting now on assumptions or acting later when they finally obtain the requested data.  It shouldn’t be a... Read More »
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Posted by Carrie on 03.28.2015
Monthly fee and transaction reports are a necessary evil – for both your customers and internal teams who have taken on the brunt of the task. Gathering data through multiple systems, tracking down product leads for information, searching through paper statements – that's just the start. Then comes the consolidation and analysis – as a few staff members crunch the data on a spreadsheet – and the daunting task of distributing the right information to the right people throughout the organization. This can take hundreds of hours. What if you could automate this process? What if you could free up... Read More »